Canadian Cigarette Brands: Comparing Prices and Quality

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Choosing the right cigarette involves considering both price and quality, as each brand offers a unique blend and smoking experience. Here’s a comparison of popular Canadian cigarette brands based on their prices and perceived Canadian classic cigarettes quality:

Canadian Classics

Price Range: Moderate Quality: Known for a smooth and balanced smoking experience, appealing to those who appreciate traditional Canadian tobacco blends.

Du Maurier

Price Range: Higher end Quality: Renowned for premium quality and refined taste, making it a choice for connoisseurs seeking a sophisticated smoking experience.


Price Range: Affordable Quality: Offers bold flavor at a budget-friendly price, making it popular among value-conscious smokers without compromising on taste.

Export ‘A’

Price Range: Premium Quality: Known for its robust flavor and high-quality tobacco, catering to smokers who prefer a strong and distinct smoking experience.


Price Range: Mid-range to higher end Quality: Combines smooth taste with a touch of elegance, appealing to those who value both quality and aesthetic in their smoking choice.

Peter Jackson

Price Range: Moderate Quality: Celebrated for its rich flavor and classic appeal, offering a satisfying smoke that resonates with a broad range of smokers.


Price Range: Moderate to higher end Quality: Known for its smooth taste and innovative packaging, offering a unique smoking experience that blends tradition with modernity.


Price Range: Affordable Quality: Provides good value for money with a satisfying smoking experience, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers.

John Player Special (JPS)

Price Range: Higher end Quality: Distinguished by its bold flavor and distinctive packaging, appealing to those who enjoy a strong and memorable smoking session.


When choosing a Canadian cigarette brand, consider your budget and desired smoking experience. Brands like Canadian Classics and Players offer affordability without sacrificing quality, while Du Maurier and Export ‘A’ cater to those seeking premium flavors. Whether you prefer a classic Canadian blend or a bold, robust smoke, there’s a brand to suit every preference and budget in Canada’s diverse cigarette market.


Smoking poses serious health risks, and it’s essential to smoke responsibly and in accordance with local regulations. Consider healthier alternatives or cessation options if you’re looking to quit smoking.